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The House Uniforms must be worn daily at Hogwarts by the students, but when they have a day off, they can choose to wear other types of dress. .
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    Ill cover what outfits have been shown so far, what we know abo.

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    This article is part of a directory Hogwarts.

  • Enjoy a comfortable, evolved design with an iconic layout and enhanced sticks.
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    Properly outfitting yourself in Hogwarts Legacy is more than simply wearing the Gear with the best stats, as clothing.

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  • Ambitious Cloak.
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    Hogwarts Legacy is an immersive, open-world action RPG set in the world first introduced in the Harry Potter films.

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    Ambitious Cloak.

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    Explore Hogwarts in an exclusive House Fan-atic School Robe and collect a Beaked Skull Mask.