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Monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and sp02 closely. .
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  • Assessment 1.
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    Decreased lung compliance; Low amount of surfactant; Increased breathing rate; Any primary medical problem ; The buildup of fibrin and cellular debris; As evidenced by.

  • As evidenced by Check those that apply Dyspnea; Tachypnea; Fremitus; Cyanosis; Cough; Nasal flaring; Respiratory depth changes; Altered chest excursion; Use of.
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    Patient maintains&160;an effective breathing pattern, as evidenced by relaxed breathing at normal rate and depth and absence of dyspnea.

  • Determining the pattern and frequency of breathing can help determine the progression of the patients condition and formulate an appropriate plan of.
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    In brief, preliminary research suggests that respiratory muscle fatigue contributes to the clinical manifestations of CAL and is associated with changes in.

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    Nursing diagnosis-1 Ineffective breathing pattern.

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    Distribution of the defining characteristics for the ineffective breathing pattern and impaired spontaneous ventilation diagnoses, as well as for the review of the ventilation concept for the total.